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Makah Indian Tribe of the Makah Indian Reservation
Fiscal Year: 
Neah Bay
Recipient Type: 
Native American Library Services
Program Categories: 
Enhancement Grants

The Makah Tribe's Makah Cultural and Research Center's Makah Guardian Project will promote stewardship of library collections, provide policy direction, preserve and protect archaeological, linguistic and cultural resources of the Makah Tribe, enhance engagement and cultural opportunities, and provide education about Makah culture, heritage and language of the Makah Tribe. The Guardian Project responds to a community mapping exercise that revealed underutilized community assets and addresses barriers to the audio collections that limit sharing of information and resources to intended audiences. Project activities include: expanding and improving access to audio collections; finalizing digitization and digital policies and procedures; and creating digital recordings of respected Makah tribal leaders to document Makah tribal lore, tradition and knowledge. Audio recordings will be made available through CDs and the Mukurtu Content Management System (CMS).