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Coyote Valley Tribal Council
Fiscal Year: 
Redwood Valley
Recipient Type: 
Native American Library Services
Program Categories: 
Enhancement Grants

The Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians will enhance library services through the development of the Advancing Students and Professionals through Innovation, Resources & Education (ASPIRE) Project. The project is designed to spark and nurture youth interest in learning and advanced education and increase access to professional development opportunities for Coyote Valley and neighboring tribes through a new digital media lab/classroom, GED program, and on-site classes. The project responds to a needs assessment that highlighted increased interest in education by youth members, more educational and cultural programming, and an accessible computer lab. The overarching goal of the ASPIRE Project is to improve the lifestyles of tribal members by using education as a gateway to professional development - through access (technology) and opportunities (classes) - while fostering cultural pride. Tangible products will include a digital media lab/classroom and the ASPIRE Planning & Evaluation Model.