Huna Totem Corporation

Log Number: NG-03-18-0193-18

The Huna Totem Corporation (HTC), in Southeast Alaska, will conduct the two-year Honoring our History through Stories project to gather 20 audio recordings of veterans sharing their stories; digitize photos contributed by veterans; and develop a film series from previously recorded, uncut videos of elder interviews. Little is available digitally that documents the history of the Hoonah Tlingit, which has a high percentage of veterans. Though elder knowledge has been recorded in video interviews, the lengthy raw footage makes the information they communicated difficult to access. The project will also provide training for tribal members in interviewing, audio collection and editing and film-editing; cataloging and uploading resources with metadata to online digital archives; and organizing and publicizing films showings. The intended audiences include Xna Kaawu, people with indigenous Hoonah lineage; Huna Totem shareholders and descendants; people who reside in or are from Hoonah; scholars and students; tribes in Alaska; and the public at large.
Project Proposals
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