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Hula Preservation Society
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Native Hawaiian Library Services
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The Hula Preservation Society (HPS), partnering with the Hawai`i State Public Library system's Hawai`i & Pacific Section, Main Branch, the University of Hawai`i-Mnoa's Hamilton Library, the Papakilo Database, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Net Enterprise, Inc., will make available the contents of HPS's exclusive elder-base oral history library to Native Hawaiians across the islands of Hawaii and the continental U.S. for the first time. The project features the establishment of electronic linkages between HPS and three other libraries with longstanding, widespread reach and improved management and preservation of HPS's exclusive elder-based content and collections. Goals include processing materials about 20 hula elders and 10 public programs from the first eight years of HPS; creating 23 detailed finding aids; delivery and cataloging of physical materials for the University of Hawai`i-Mnoa and the Hawai`i State Library systems; uploading electronic resources to the Papakilo Database and HPS's website; and digitizing 1,400 hours of tape into central library at HPS, with cloud backup.