Hula Preservation Society

Log Number: NG-04-19-0198-19

Hula Preservation Society (HPS) in partnership with the University of Hawai'i-Mānoa, Stacey Leong Design, NetEnterprise, Inc., and Na Hawaiʻi ʻImi Loa Hawaiian Librarianship Organization, will create an online digital library featuring the collections of five late Hula Masters born between 1918 and 1930 whose materials are almost entirely inaccessible at this time. The project addresses a community need for greater access to authentic cultural resources from a Hawaiian worldview identified through in- person connections, online communications, and both in-person and online surveys conducted within the community. The intended audience is Native Hawaiians, a dispersed population that lives both in the Hawaiian Islands and across the continental United States. Outcomes include expanding resources for individuals' lifelong learning; improving quality of and public access to HPS's digital library services; and enhancing HPS's capacity for leadership in online library development and management.
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