Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives

Log Number: NH-246629-OLS-20

The Hawaiian Mission children's Society will transcribe the manuscripts in the Hawai'ian Evangelical Association collection to English and create an accurate finding aid. The manuscripts include church business correspondence, letters, and various church and secular related documents such as baptism, marriage, death, and funeral records that provide vital genealogical data. Project staff will digitize and make manuscripts accessible to the community, educators, and scholars via the Mission Houses Archives web portal. They will produce a best practices manual for transcribing archival documents written in 'olelo Hawai'i, providing a new and vital resource for transcribing within the archiving and transcription field. The society will reach out to community and immersion schools for workshop opportunities to teach Hawai'ian language transcription in the archival setting. The transcribers will also be trained to teach their communities how to use the tools created from this project in their own fields of practice.
Project Proposals
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