Papahana Kuaola

Log Number: NH-246636-OLS-20

Paphana Kuaola will develop online cultural, historical, and geography-based units focusing on the geology of Hawai'i. This project will provide formal classroom teachers with a comprehensive standards-based curriculum that is easily accessible to students through Google Classroom and various distance learning platforms. This culture-based literacy project will help students explore Hawai'i through traditional moolelo (stories), mele (songs), huakai (excursions), and hana noeau (art), while connecting to the importance of place and space. A total of 2,350 teachers, students, and their families, including communities on the islands of Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, and Maui will participate in literacy program activities. The goal is to preserve, practice, and perpetuate Hawai'ian culture, language, and knowledge through increased understanding and appreciation of traditional Hawai'ian literature.
Project Proposals
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