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Council of State Historical Records Coordinators
Fiscal Year: 
Iowa City
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program
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Continuing Education
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The Council of State Historical Records Coordinators will use its grant to the support the State Electronic Records Initiative Education Program, which will improve electronic records management in state and territorial governments through a multifaceted continuing education program for state archives staff. Scholarships to each state archives will enable staff to attend existing electronic records management and digital preservation (ERM/DP) educational programs. The largest component of the program will be a series of intensive week-long institutes designed to immerse attendees in the issues and concepts of ERM/DP in state government. All states will send a staff member to these advanced institutes. States that have not yet started ERM/DP programs will first participate in an introductory institute. Attendees will develop action plans for their home institution, then report progress and reinforce interstate collaborations via webinars and online communities.