University of Illinois (University of Illinois, University Library)

Log Number: RE-18-19-0014-19

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University Library in partnership with Indiana University-Indianapolis proposes a three-year continuing education program. The program will train academic librarians to address privacy and related ethical implications of learning analytics projects (e.g., autonomy, agency, and trust). The training program will guide participants to explore learning analytics, privacy theory, privacy-by-design principles, and research ethics and present participants with case studies. Participants will develop a plan for a learning analytics project prioritizing privacy protections, The project team will run a face-to-face training for an estimated 200 participants, and host an online training for an estimated 200 participants. The team will also create an open educational resource packet consisting of the training curriculum, guidelines for facilitating the training, and recommendations for incorporating the materials into other training programs and library science courses. Finally, the project team will have at least two peer-reviewed conference presentations and one peer-reviewed research publication.
Project Proposals