Antioch University

Log Number: RE-246368-OLS-20

Antioch University will examine the nationwide decline in school librarian positions and resulting equity and access issues and explore how school administrators make decisions on staffing school library services for K-12 students. This investigation will examine NCES federal employment data on school librarians, conduct a content analysis of school library job descriptions, and interview school administrators to determine if and how the status and roles of librarians are changing. An Advisory Council of education and library experts, with assistance from school library associations/agencies as intermediaries from 49 states, will help guide the project. Findings will be shared on a website with data tools, infographics, and videos to aid library educators and state associations and agencies in better understanding the changing context of school librarianship and thus how school librarians need to be educated and prepared to address the values and expectations of those who make staffing decisions.
Project Proposals