University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus

Log Number: RE-246426-OLS-20

The University of Puerto Rico will study the information needs of residents and communities in Puerto Rico as they participate in recovery efforts. Citizen participation in recovery efforts can be curtailed by a lack of understanding of complex, technical, scientific, environmental, or financial information. The project team will design and organize a broad initiative to promote learning at two levels by: 1. Increasing librarians' and LIS students' ability to communicate information to citizens; and 2. Developing information resources, strategies, and outlets for educating citizens. The grant will document opportunities for community-based public and academic librarians to take part in the intervention and participate in the design of a website. This site will host resources on a number of issues that affect the living conditions and wellness of the communities. Using Puerto Rico as a test site, the project team will develop resources and innovative strategies and outlets for a better-informed citizenry, particularly in regards to environmental and scientific information. If successful, this model will be adaptable to other contexts that involve working with Hispanic and Latinx populations across the United States.
Project Proposals