University at Buffalo (Department of Information Science)

Log Number: RE-250024-OLS-21

East Carolina University received this grant which was transferred to the University at Buffalo. In this Early Career Research Development project, Dr. Africa S. Hands will investigate the ways in which public libraries in Central Appalachia support the college literacy of nontraditional prospective students through information and services. The project focuses on public libraries across four states (Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia) comprising the central region of Appalachia, which has lower rates of educational attainment and income and higher unemployment than other regions of Appalachia. Project goals are to highlight the nature of public library support for nontraditional prospective students and to identify libraries that may serve as exemplars to library practitioners who want to serve nontraditional college-bound patrons. Further, this project aims to position libraries as a partner to agencies working to boost college enrollment and workforce and economic development.
Project Proposals