New York State Archives Partnership Trust

Log Number: RE-250088-OLS-21

New York State Archives Partnership Trust will train librarians, archivists, and historians to become creators and providers of local, primary source-based resources that will connect K-12 educators, school librarians, and students with archives, libraries, and museums. The project will build upon the online resource for teachers Consider the Source New York along with the New York Heritage online portal for digitized records to provide local librarians, archivists, and other repositories documenting the history of marginalized groups a place to make their resources available and a way to tailor their resources for classroom educators, students, and the adult learning community. Project activities include (1) developing and delivering a curriculum for archivists, historians, and librarians; (2) identifying repositories related to the history of diverse groups in each region; (3) uploading primary resources to the online repository; (5) holding educator workshops about using the resources; (6) coordinating the development of teacher-created materials; and (7) publishing and disseminating training materials and a statewide implementation handbook. The project also will establish a model for other statewide agencies to develop a structure for finding and sharing the valuable resources representing marginalized groups held by community libraries and archives and connecting them with K-12 educators, school librarians, and students.
Project Proposals