Borough of Manhattan Community College of the City University of New York (Borough of Manhattan Community College)

Log Number: RE-252364-OLS-22

The Borough of Manhattan Community College, in collaboration with Ithaka S+R, will conduct research on college fluency—a set of abilities that enable students and staff to effectively locate and use relevant college services, programs, and resources—to enhance the abilities of academic librarians and library workers to serve community college students. Research activities will include collecting case studies at institutions with existing programs addressing college fluency those without current models and analyzing the findings, as well as conducting and analyzing a national survey of stakeholders across community colleges. The project team will write a capstone report and disseminate findings through evidence-based publications, workshops, traditional and social media, and conference presentations. This research project will result in new knowledge and research-driven resources for librarians in best practices for meeting novel student needs related to college fluency. As a subrecipient, Ithaka S + R will collaborate on generating research instruments, conducting interviews and a national survey, drafting research reports and interim blog posts, and disseminating findings via workshops.
Project Proposals