Log Number: RE-254876-OLS-23

OCLC will implement a project to enhance the stewardship of digital collections through facilitated group learning. The project has two main objectives. The first is to pilot a training model using facilitated peer-learning groups with five state library partners to support up to 200 staff at libraries, archives, and museums to create, share, and steward digital collections. They will refine a guide on how to design and implement facilitated peer learning groups and make it available to all state library agencies and other training organizations. The second objective is to develop a new course for WebJunction's Digital Collections Stewardship training series on how to build more diverse collections, in which another 250 individuals will enroll during the period of the grant. The project’s outcomes will contribute to a more comprehensive, equitable, and inclusive representation of the communities that these cultural heritage institutions serve, resulting in collections that better reflect their local and regional histories.

Project Proposals