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University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Fiscal Year: 
Chapel Hill
Recipient Type: 
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program
Program Categories: 
L21-National Digital Platform Research

The University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science, in collaboration with the Educopia Institute, the BitCurator Consortium and the Council of State Archivists, will conduct research to examine the barriers preventing LIS educators from teaching digital forensics tools and methods. This cutting-edge technology allows libraries and archives to ensure the completeness, authenticity, and availability of data, find and locate sensitive information, and identify the characteristics of digital collections, among other activities. This project will study the primary institutional and technological factors that may be preventing universities and continuing education providers from teaching digital forensics. It will also mechanisms for sustaining collaboration among library and information science educators on the adoption of digital forensics tools and methods into their curricula. This work will result in the creation of publicly-accessible learning objects for education providers as well as a white paper on strategies for offering digital forensics education.

Project Proposals: