Regents of the University of California (California Digital Library)

Log Number: RE-85-17-0121-17

The California Digital Library will advance the scope, adoption, and impact of the emergent "Library Carpentry" continuing education program. Librarians and archivists have an increasingly important role to play in mediating access to and use of information technologies and resources integral to 21st century culture, commerce, and scholarship. This requires librarians and archivists to remain current with the rapidly evolving information landscape, particularly with regard to computational and data-driven methods. The training opportunities enabled by the project will provide librarians with the critical data and computational skills and tools they need to be effective digital stewards for their stakeholders and user communities. The two-year project focuses on: development of a core curriculum of training modules optimized for librarian instruction; regionally-organized training opportunities for librarians; and outreach to promote the development of a broad, engaged community to sustain and advance the movement beyond the end of this grant.