University of Michigan (University of Michigan, School of Information)

Log Number: RE-95-17-0104-17

The University of Michigan will conduct a three-year project to develop a new library-as-research-lab model in LIS education and professional development. The library will be the site of three research labs and School of Information faculty and librarians will co-create the research and learning environments for 30 master's students and six librarians. The three research labs will be: Library Assessment in Student Learning, Library Assessment for Research and Scholarship, and Designing Thinking for Services. The project will help to build research skills and professional capabilities in the academic library workforce, and foster and enhance mentoring capabilities in the profession. Ultimately, LIS educators, LIS students, and academic librarians who are seeking alternative practical experience programs will be beneficiaries of the proposed project because they will be able to replicate and adapt the research lab model.