University of Hawaiʻi

Log Number: RE-95-18-0012-18

The University of Hawaii will develop a three-year continuing education opportunity that encourages cultural learning and cross-learning between people at all stages of librarianship. The university will collaborate with the Hawaii State Library System and Alu Like to bring together pre-professional, para-professional, and professionals in the library field. Thirteen teams will be formed (each with one pre-professional, para-professional, and professional) to address and complete projects identified at various library sites. The cohorts will create opportunities for cross-learning between the participants while they work as a team to identify opportunities and create projects that benefit the local community at their assigned sites. The project will not only benefit its participants and local community, but it will create a model for how cross-learning, particularly in areas with large indigenous populations, can be achieved and result in programming that is more responsive and engaged with the local community.
Project Proposals