September 15, 2022

IMLS to Convene Federal Information Literacy Taskforce

Washington, DC—The Institute of Museum and Library Services today announced that, over the next year, it will convene an interagency taskforce and facilitate the development of a portal of resources bridging information literacy research and practice to advance information literacy within communities. This Information Literacy Taskforce is charged with helping organizations confront the challenges, faced by people of all ages, of a lack of information literacy in many areas, from health, climate, and finance to civic engagement and public safety.

“James Madison observed in 1825 that ‘the advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.’ Today we can foster that aspiration through information literacy,” said IMLS Director Crosby Kemper. “This Taskforce seeks to bring together organizations committed to empowering communities through knowledge and education. Access to accurate information is a cornerstone of democracy, and information literacy is the tool by which all people can meaningfully participate in our society. IMLS recognizes the need for effective strategies and resources that reach communities and individuals at the local level.”

The Taskforce will include agencies that have had to address public uncertainty or lack of understanding; agencies that have been innovative in communicating with the public; and/or agencies that have been building capacity at the local level. IMLS has invited the Departments of Education, Justice, State, and Veterans Affairs; the National Telecommunications and Information Administration; the Library of Congress; the Surgeon General; and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, among others.

The federal Taskforce will collaborate with state and local experts to increase access to information literacy instruction so that children, students, adults, and seniors can gain the tools needed to understand and think critically about all the information that bombards them on a daily basis.

This Taskforce is aligned with the President’s United We Stand initiative.

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