Here’s how mentorship and after-school clubs are lifting up young people in Georgia.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields are a substantial part of the current economy and represent some of the fastest growing industries, yet women make up just over a quarter of the STEM workforce. Museums and libraries are helping change that.
A National Leadership Grant for Libraries to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is empowering community members to learn together.
For a one-year pilot project, in partnership with the Heard Museum and the state libraries of Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, to increase library, archive and museum expertise in tribal communities and to improve access and services among tribal and other participating institutions.
For a two-year project, in partnership with the Houston Public Library System, to open a Library for Early Childhood at the Children’s Museum as a resource for information on early childhood, parenting and family learning, and as a partner learning space of the Tot Spot exhibit gallery dedicated to...
For a one-year project, in partnership with the Chicago Historical Society, to host a conference on content development in the digital environment for museums, libraries, and archives.