• Data Comparability and Public Policy: New Interest in Public Library Data Papers Presented at Meetings of the American Statistical Association

    This volume consists of four papers presented at the 1994 Conference of the American Statistical Association. These papers exemplify a renaissance in the development of a national library statistics program. NCES Publication Number: 9407

  • E.D. TAB: Public Libraries in the United States: 1992

    This will be an E.D. TAB for data collected through the Federal/State Cooperative System for Public Library Data (FSCS). Data will be aggregated at the State and national levels. NCES Publication Number: 94030

  • E.D. TAB: Public Libraries in the United States: 1991

    The tables in this E.D. TABS summarize information about public libraries in FY 1991. This Information was supplied to NCES by state library agencies in machine-readable form through the Federal State Cooperative System (FSCS) for public library data. These data were collected under the fourth annual census of FSCS in July of 1992. NCES Publication Number: 93297

  • E.D. TAB: Public Libraries in the United States: 1990

    This E.D. TABS presents FY 1990 state and national data aggregated from individual public libraries in the United States. These data were collected under the third annual census of the Federal-State Cooperative System (FSCS) in July of 1991. This E.D. TABS includes information about staffing, service outlets, operating Income and expenditures, size of collection, and more. NCES Publication Number: 92028

  • E.D. TAB: Public Libraries in 50 States and the District of Columbia: 1989

    This report includes national and state summary data on public libraries in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, with an introduction, selected findings, and several tables. All 51 state library agencies, for the first time, reported basic descriptive statistics about public libraries to the National Center for Education Statistics in machine-readable format. NCES Publication Number: 91343

  • Services and Resources for Children in Public Libraries, 1988-89

    This report presents the findings of the first national survey of public libraries on the services and resources available to children. Survey items include the availability of library resources and services to children, the usage of library services by children, the number of group programs at the library for children and child care-givers, and more. NCES Publication Number: 90098