• Protecting America's Collections

    The HHIS Report, released in 2019, provides selected updates from the Heritage Health Index of 2004 and assesses the preservation needs of today’s cultural heritage institutions with non-living, tangible, and digital collections.

  • HHIS Infographic Overview

    A visual overview of the results from the Heritage Health Information Survey, which highlights collections and preservation needs across the country.

  • Museums for All Evaluation

    This program evaluation gathered information from participating Museums for All organizations about how their participation in the initiative influenced their access programs, internal processes, partnerships, and visitors.

  • 2018 Performance and Accountability Report

    The Performance and Accountability Report (PAR), an annual agency requirement from the Office of Management and Budget, presents the agency’s program and financial management results, key accomplishments, and new initiatives during FY 2018.

  • Libraries, Broadband, and Digital Inclusion

    IMLS supports the evolving role of libraries as centers for access to technology.

  • Museum Assessment Program Evaluation Report June 2017

    The Museum Assessment Program (MAP) is a cooperative agreement between IMLS and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). Since its inception in 1981, MAP has helped more than 5,000 small and mid-sized museums of all types strengthen operations, plan for the future, and meet standards. In the spring of 2017, AAM commissioned an evaluation of the program. The final report includes an executive summary, background and methodology, data analysis, and case studies.

  • Public Libraries in the United States Survey: Fiscal Year 2015

    The Public Libraries in the United States Survey (PLS) examines when, where, and how library services are changing to meet the needs of the public. This FY 2015 PLS summarizes the reported data provided by 98 percent of public libraries and outlets in the United States.

  • Positioning Library and Information Science Graduate Programs for 21st Century Practice

    IMLS convened a meeting in November 2017 to discuss strengthening the formal education component of the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. The report summarizes issues and themes from that meeting.

  • National Digital Infrastructures and Initiatives: A Report on the 2017 National Digital Platform at Three Forum

    The report provides details on IMLS digital library funding since 2015 and explains three focal areas identified within the digital library infrastructures and initiatives portfolio of the National Leadership Grants for Libraries Program and the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program.

  • 2018 National Medal for Museum and Library Services brochure

    The National Medal for Museum and Library Service brochure describes the work of the 2018 recipients of the nation’s top award for community service by museums and libraries.