Atomic Legacy Preservation Network (ALPN)

Discover how ALPN is forging connections between museums, historical centers, legacy sites, interpretive centers, and other institutions across the country to tell the story of the Manhattan Project, subsequent nuclear weapons production, and the enduring legacy of these efforts. 

ALPN’s mission is rooted in deepening public understanding of such an important part of American history and highlighting the impact communities nationwide have had in advancing nuclear innovation from the inception of the Manhattan Project to the present day. This webinar will explore how we can create and leverage partnerships across the country between diverse institutions, while also forging relationships with these institutions and the federal government. The Office of Environmental Management believes ALPN is the vehicle to foster communication, community, and growth while preserving our nation's atomic legacy and invite you to take part.

Laura Huerta Migus
Laura Huerta Migus


  • Anita Iacaruso, Atomic Legacy Preservation Network (ALPN)

  • Joseph Kent, National Atomic Testing Museum

  • Laura Huerta Migus, Institute of Museum and Library Services

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