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February 3, 2012
Please watch this video on the IMLS YouTube Channel. It features staff members of the National Aquarium in Baltimore describing "Watershed Moments," a staff-led interactive program for presentation in its 250-seat auditorium. Funded by an IMLS Museums for America grant, Watershed Moments is a key...Read more
January 26, 2012
By Tim Barrett Director, University of Iowa Center for the Book Paper Facilities , 319-621-2493 Research on paper permanence may seem a bit odd in the age of digital scanning and the internet, but there are a number of reasons why paper remains very important to future...Read more
January 18, 2012
By Kevin Cherry, IMLS, and Esra Oden, Library of Congress The exponential growth of digital content has created a demand for library and information professionals with new skills. To meet this demand, IMLS, working in partnership with the Library of Congress, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI),...Read more
January 13, 2012
biohildreth.jpg By Susan Hildreth Director, IMLS President Obama is committed to providing the support that our youngest children need to succeed later in school. The importance of the early years in a child's life has been well documented. The U.S. Department of Education prioritizes improving the...Read more
January 12, 2012
By Maren Dougherty Senior Editor, Balboa Park Online Collaborative (Cross-posted from BPOC blog ) To some, he’s Geordi La Forge. To others, he’s Kunta Kinte. To ‘80s babies, he’s that guy from “Reading Rainbow.” But LeVar Burton is also a champion for libraries and museums—and one of this year’s...Read more
January 6, 2012
By Susan Hildreth Director, IMLS diggingbanner.jpg IMLS was part of an exciting announcement earlier this week, when the winners of the second Digging into Data Challenge were announced. There were 14 winning teams in this competition to promote innovative humanities and social science research...Read more
December 21, 2011
IMLS now has its own YouTube Channel ! From time to time we will use this space to draw your attention to a video on our channel that provides an example of what's working in museums and libraries. First up is a feature about an IMLS-funded career training program of the Chicago Botanic Garden. The...Read more
December 15, 2011
Author: Nancy Rogers, IMLS Office of Strategic Partnerships Libraries and museums are anchor institutions for communities all over the planet -- safe spaces where ideas are welcome and where learning is central. That makes them perfect collaborators with Film Forward, an initiative of the Sundance...Read more
December 8, 2011
Renee Franklin Hill, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Syracuse University What happens when a program brings educators from all over New York State to learn strategies for providing information services to K-12 students with disabilities? A collaborative professional development experience like none...Read more
November 23, 2011
By Abby Swetz IMLS program specialist in the Office of Strategic Partnerships from March 2004 until September 2011. IMLS engages in partnerships to help build the capacity of libraries and museums to better serve their communities. One such partnership was The Big Read , a program of the National...Read more