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September 9, 2011
Kevin Cherry Program Officer, IMLS One of the pleasures of being a program officer at IMLS is meeting with grant recipients. It is especially enjoyable, I think, when those grant recipients are scholarship students. Back in June of this year (when our new UpNext Blog was but a gleam in our eye and...Read more
August 25, 2011
biohildreth.jpg By Susan Hildreth Director, IMLS Welcome to UpNext! I am really excited about our new blog. When I was thinking about what to write for this very first post, I knew there were so many things that I could say about the benefits of having an IMLS blog. What stands out the most is that...Read more
Water soaked framed artwork next to flooded house after Hurricane Harvey
IMLS offers a list of resources available to assist cultural institutions to prevent damage and recover from hurricanes.Read more