2012 Medal Winners - Listen Online

photo of Thomas and Matthew

Garfield Park Conservatory

Thomas Costanza (L) tells fellow Garfield Park Conservatory employee Matthew Barrett (R) about coming to the Conservatory for the first time with his young daughter, Uma. The two also describe being alone at the Conservatory in the early morning.

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photo of Oscar and Lora

Contra Costa County Library

"People like you can never be forgotten, because you helped shape who I am."  

Oscar Mansfield tells Lora Osterloh about the first time he entered a library and his early fears about reading.  Lora was Oscar's reading tutor in Project Second Chance, an adult literacy program at Contra Costa County Library in California. The two have since become close friends, and Lora describes Oscar's recent growth as a poet.

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photo of Darren and Matthew

Bootheel Youth Museum 

"Man, they were trying to teach me something with these toys!"  

On the brink of their senior year of high school in Malden, Missouri, Darren Green and Matthew Hampton remember playing and learning at the Bootheel Youth Museum, try to imagine life after college, and reflect on their connection to Malden, a town of about 4,300 people. 
(Audio file, photo attached.)  

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photo of Arletha and Ginny

Cumberland County Library

"There they were, in front of me, on a picture. Four generations. And I thought that was the greatest finding I could have found."

Arletha Campbell (L), Cumberland County Library Associate, and Ginny Powers (R), a Library member, discuss their time spent in the Local State History Room and how they were impacted, separately and together, by their findings. 

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 photo of Joyce and Grace

Shaler North Hills Library

"My happiest memory just happened the other day, when I was teaching Book Babies..."

Joyce Mangis tells her daughter Grace about her favorite moment teaching the "Book Babies" program at the Shaler North Hills Library. The two also talk about their shared love of reading, and Grace's favorite books.

Length: 3:17. Read transcript (PDF)

 photo of Al and Lisa

Long Island Children's Museum

"The Children's Museum logo represents all my hopes and dreams for the museum."

Long Island Children's Museum Co-founders Al Jarnow and Lisa Greene talk about developing the highly unique Museum's logo and the ingenunity and creativity that goes into establishing a children's museum. 

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 photo of Betty and Kelli

Naturita Community Library

"If you can encourage a kid who would never touch a book to be curious enough to pick one up to even look at the pictures, then you’ve gained another reader."

Betty Stephens (R) and Kelli Flint (L) are coworkers at the Naturita Community Library. The two remember Kelli's first days at the library, her first year running the summer program for 60 Naturita schoolchildren, and share their thoughts on why they believe the library welcomes youth and adults alike.

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 photo of Pablo and Miroslav

Park View High School

"I didn't encounter music—music encountered me. It came into my life."

Student Pablo Rivera (L) talks to his teacher Miroslav Loncar (R) about musical discoveries. Under Dr. Loncar's instruction, Rivera and his fellow students perform live concerts at the Park View High School Library. As host to the World View music group, the library has become a place for students to "encounter" music for themselves.

Length: 3:34. Read transcript (PDF)

 photo of Jillian and Anya

Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCANOMI)

"I know it feels good to make something, so I want to give girls a space and a reason to do that."quot;

Jillian Hernandez (L) speaks to her colleague Anya Wallace (R) about her inspiration to start the Museum's Women on the Rise program, which exposes at-risk teen girls to the work of contemporary female artists.       

Length: 4:31. Read transcript (PDF)

 photo of Dana Riley Black and Carmen

Pacific Science Center  

"When I get up in the morning, I get to go work at a place where we're thinking about the future every single day."

Dana Riley Black tells her 9-year-old daughter Carmen about her work with the Center's Science on Wheels program. The two talk about their shared love of science and discuss how Dana has challenged conventional wisdom about girls lagging behind boys in science education.

Length: 3:24. Read transcript (PDF)