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Priority Areas

Museums and libraries can best serve the public by making their programs, collections, and facilities as widely accessible as possible.

Full participation in American society requires the ability to access and use digital content and technologies. IMLS supports a number of initiatives to expand broadband access to marginalized groups, thereby increasing digital inclusion.

Libraries and museums are trusted stewards of the objects and information that represent the artistic, cultural, historical, and scientific foundations of our nation’s shared heritage.

Museums and libraries play a key role in providing and preserving access to digital information.

Libraries and museums reach millions of children every year. As institutions that encourage curiosity and exploration, they can play a powerful role in shaping children’s early cognitive development.

IMLS invests in making by supporting learning spaces in libraries and museums that foster innovation and experimentation through design thinking and project-based learning for people of all ages.

IMLS funds programs that invest in recruitment, education, and professional development opportunities for museum and library professionals.

Libraries and museums are making great strides in improving learning in science, technology, engineering and math.

Community Salute is an IMLS initiative aimed at strengthening the ability of libraries, archives, and museums to respond to the needs of the nation’s 22 million veterans and military families.

Libraries provide an essential resource to job seekers. Through libraries, job seekers can access employment services and training, which can lead to better jobs and improved career pathways.