About the numbers

The numbers of awards and applications, as well as the amounts requested, as presented on the IMLS Generates Impact page may not match those reported in IMLS’s Performance Annual Report or Annual Financial Report due, in part, to accommodations as noted below or related to Other Initiatives that may have been funded by multiple funding streams within the Agency. 

Grants to States  

Grants to State (G2S) awards are not assigned to a specific Agency Goal Budget totals may not match the annual appropriation because they do not account for interagency projects such as the National Book Festival. Other Initiatives may be funded with library or museum program funds, but represent an agencywide purpose or initiative.  

Other Accommodations 

As Save America’s Treasures awards are supported by pass-through  funds from another federal agency, IMLS does not include these awards under the total number and funds awarded under IMLS Generates Impact. However, those Save America’s Treasures awards that are monitored by IMLS are included in the Search Awarded Grants.  

If an award has an amendment made outside of the original award year, it is identified with an (a) under Search Awarded Grants.  For Top 5 Audiences, if an award is associated with multiple Audiences (Population Served) that include General Population, only the General Population response is used for that award as it encompasses all other selections.

Amounts requested for award amendments and out-of-cycle awards are not included in the $ Requested totals shown under IMLS Generates Impact. 

Due to an error in the legacy system, the previously reported amount requested for FY2019 was found to be inaccurate and was corrected in the latest imls.gov release deployed on May 3rd, 2021. Please contact us if you have any further questions.


A few Discretionary and G2S grantee/institution addresses may not return a FIPS code due to incorrect/inconsistent address format or P.O. box numbers. In such cases, postal zip code is used to identify corresponding county FIPS code and congressional district. However, a ZIP code can span across multiple counties and/or congressional districts, in which case only one is randomly assigned. 

A few award institution locations may not return a county FIPS code or a Congressional District. These awards will not be included in County/Congressional District level aggregations.