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Apply for a Grant

Organizations and institutions that utilize third-party software to submit applications via may encounter old or outdated forms. IMLS cannot provide technical assistance for any issues applicants encounter with proprietary software. The final and correct versions of all IMLS application packages can be found on the portal directly.

The Application Process

1. Search for available grants
Grant programs and deadlines can be searched by name, by eligible institution type, and by project type.

2. Check eligibility requirements
Eligibility criteria will vary by program. Checking the program-specific criteria will help you ensure you're applying for the right grant for your institution. Read more.

3. Read application Notice of Funding Opportunities
Read through the application Notice of Funding Opportunities carefully to get all the information you need on the grant program. Read more.

4. Compose your application
Use the following Applicant Tools & Materials links to help you compose a stronger, more competitive application.

a. Sample Applications - Examples of successful applications from previous years

b. Outcome Based Evaluations - Introduction to and resources for successful program evaluation

c. Shaping Outcomes - An IMLS-funded online course on outcomes-based planning and evaluation, which will help participants improve program designs and evaluations.

d. Grantee Requirements - Administration and dissemination requirements for all grantees

e. Reviewer Materials - Guidelines and handbooks used during application review

5. Contact an IMLS Staff Member
We welcome calls from applicants and are happy to answer any questions about the grant application and review process. Conversations with staff can provide useful guidance and help you to explore how your idea may match the goals of a grant program. To reach an IMLS staff member please click on a link below for the grant program in which you are interested.

6. Submit your application via
Consult our guidelines to ensure we will receive your application, complete and on-time. Read more.

7. What happens next?
Learn how applications are reviewed and when grant announcements are made. Read more.


Museum Assessment Program (MAP)
December 01, 2019

Application: Please visit Museum Assessment Program for more information.
Program Overview: The Museum Assessment Program (MAP) is designed to help museums assess their strengths and weaknesses, and plan for the future.

Accelerating Promising Practices for Small Libraries
December 02, 2019

Application: FY 2020 Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF 399KB)
Grant Amount: $10,000-$50,000
Program Overview: The goal of this initiative is to support projects that strengthen the ability of small and/or rural libraries and archives to serve their communities and to build grantee capacity through participation in a community of practice.

Save America's Treasures
December 10, 2019

Applications: The application for collections projects is available through under funding opportunity number P20AS00004. The application for preservation projects is available under funding opportunity number P20AS00005.