The following resources have been made available by organizations serving the museum and library communities.


Alberta Museums Association
Managing Your Museum's Pandemic Response: Activating Your Emergency Response

American Alliance of Museums
Information for the Museum Field

American Association for State and Local History
Planning for the Evolving COVID-19 Situation

American Public Garden Association
COVID-19: Resources for Gardens

Association of Academic Museums and Galleries
COVID-19 Updates

Association of Art Museum Directors
Museums and COVID-19

Association of Children's Museums
ACM Resources to Help Guide Your Museum's Response to Coronavirus

Association of Science and Technology Centers
Science Centers & COVID-19

Association of Zoos and Aquariums
COVID-19 Resources

Canadian Conservation Institute
Closing a Museum for the Winter

COSTEP Massachusetts
Public Health Emergencies

Foundation for Advancement in Preservation
Collections Care Amid COVID-19

Museum Association of New York
Links and Resources for New York State's Museums During COVID-19

Museum Computer Network
The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
COVID-19 Basics: Disinfecting Cultural Resources

Small Business Administration
Economic Injury Disaster Loan


American Association of Law Libraries
AALL’s Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Resources

American Library Association
Pandemic Preparedness Resources for Libraries

American Library Association's Public Programs Office
Serving Patrons Experiencing Homelessness in a COVID-19 Shutdown
6 COVID-19 Resources You (Probably) Don’t Know About
COVID-19: Italian Librarians on the Lockdown

Association for Library Service to Children
Best Practices for Cleaning Play and Learn Spaces

Association of College and Research Libraries
Pandemic Resources for Academic Libraries

Association of Research Libraries
COVID-19 News & Resource Pages
Mitigating COVID-19: The Contribution Research Libraries Are Making

Foundation for Advancement in Conservation
Collections Care Amid COVID-19

Library of Congress
The Impact of Hand Sanitizers on Collection Materials

Medical Library Association
COVID-19 Resources for Medical Librarians & Other Health Information Professionals

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Isolating, Disinfecting, and Cleaning Historic Materials

National Network of Libraries of Medicine
A Guide to COVID-19 for Public Libraries

Northeast Document Conservation Center
Disinfecting Circulating Books

Public Library Association
PLA Resources on COVID-19

Small Business Administration
Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Society of American Archivists
Resources for Response to COVID-19 Health Crisis

Urban Library Council
Coronavirus Resources


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