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The Johns Hopkins University
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National Leadership Grants for Libraries
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National Digital Platform
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The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University will develop a service proxy layer on top of the Fedora 4 software platform that will facilitate the exposure of repository contents as linked data web resources. There is an existing user base of Fedora software for institutional repositories that will grow given the important enhancements and robustness offered by Fedora 4. By providing architecture to deploy repository services as lightweight extensions, institutions that use Fedora 4 for their institutional repository needs would be automatically positioned to extend their platforms for more robust data management. As federal funding agencies respond to the White OSTP memoranda regarding public access to publications and data, it is becoming clear that simply depositing and subsequently downloading data will not be sufficient. The proposed work supports a vision of data management where data are packaged with information graphs that capture and preserve connections to publications and software.

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