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Project Profiles

Image of students from Hoover Elementary School on a Some Body! field trip
July 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Hall of Health, Berkeley, CA Grant: 2003 Learning Opportunities Grant Pictured: Students from Hoover Elementary School on a Some Body! field trip Website: Contact: Lucille Day, Director 2065 Kittredge St., Suite F Berkeley, CA 94704 510-549-9381 lucyday@...Read more
Blessing Christ, before and after. St. Louis Art Museum.
June 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, M Grant: 2003 and 2002 Conservation Project Support Grants Pictured : Blessing Christ, 13th century. Images used courtesy of the Saint Louis Art Museum. Website: Contact: Dr. Judith Mann, Curator of Early European Collection Saint...Read more
Sky Camp particpants pose in front of a state police helicopter.
May 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Upper Hudson Library System, Albany, NY Grant: 2003 and 2004 Grants to State Library Agencies Pictured: Sky Camp particpants pose in front of a state police helicopter. Project Partner: Mohawk Valley Library System Website: Contact: Mary Fellows, Manager of Youth and...Read more
Central Park Zoo visitors read poetry while viewing penguins.
April 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Wildlife Conservation Society/Central Park Zoo, New York, NY Grant: 2003 National Leadership Grant, Museum-Library Collaboration Project Partner: Poets House 72 Spring Street New York, NY 10012 Website: Contact: Dan Wharton, Director...Read more
Image of an intern assembling a bear skeleton.
March 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Pratt Museum, Homer, AK Grants and Awards: 2005 National Award for Museum Service, 2005 Museums for America, 2002 National Leadership Grant Website: Project Partners: Homer High School, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Seldovia Native Association, Texas A&M...Read more
Image of a school librarian reading to children. Washington State Library.
February 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Washington State Library, Olympia, WA Grant Program: Grants to State Library Administrative Agencies Partners: Washington Library Media Association, Office of Public Instruction Contact: Martha Shinners Website Need Why would a school librarian need a ten-second...Read more
Screenshot of the Architect Studio 3D Web site
January 01 2006 Eastern
Recipient: Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, Oak Park, IL Grant Program: Learning Opportunities Grant (now Museums for America) Title of Project: Architect Studio 3D Contact: Cheryl A. Bachand, Project Director 708-848-1976 Need As the steward of two Frank Lloyd Wright...Read more
The Corn School by Jessie Hull Mayer
December 01 2005 Eastern
Recipient: Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis University Library, Indianapolis, IN Grant Program: National Leadership Grant Title of Project: IUPUI and the Indianapolis Museum of Art Community Project Contact: Sonja Staum, Project Director 317-278-9417 Website...Read more
November 01 2005 Eastern
Recipient: New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque, NM Grant Program: National Leadership Grant Title of Project: Proyecto Futuro [Project Future] Contact: Madeleine Correa Zeigler, Project Director 505-841-2857 Website Need The towering dinosaur...Read more
Photo of a Native American Woman from the State Library and Archives of Florida
October 01 2005 Eastern
Recipient: State Library and Archives of Florida, Tallahassee, FL Grant Program: National Leadership Grant Title of Project: Digitizing the Florida Folklife Collection Contact: Joanna (Jody) Norman 850-245-6706 Website Need The State Library and Archives of Florida received a...Read more