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Peer Review

All proposals submitted for IMLS competitive awards are reviewed by library and museum professionals who know the needs of communities, can share promising practices, and are well versed in the issues and concerns of museums and libraries today. Peer reviewers dedicate their time and expertise to advance the highest professional practices in the field. The IMLS review process is well respected, and the success of our grant programs is largely due to the expertise of our reviewers.

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The IMLS Office of Library Services manages competitive awards in three program areas: Librarians for the 21st Century, and Native American/Native Hawaiian Library Services, and National Leadership Grants for Libraries. If you would like to be in our database of potential reviewers, please provide us with your information on the library reviewer form:

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The IMLS Office of Museum Services offers opportunities to serve as a reviewer for the following grant programs: Museums for America, National Leadership Grants for Museums, Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Program, Museum Grants for African American History and Culture, Museums Empowered, and Inspire! Grants for Small Museums. Applications are reviewed by experts in specific funding categories. If you would like to be included in our database of potential reviewers, please provide us with your information on the museum reviewer application form:

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