Agency Equity Action Plan

IMLS Agency Equity Action Plan (PDF, 298KB)

IMLS has identified five sets of actions to address identified barriers to equity across our grantmaking and procurement activities. The first three prioritized activities below provide the program-related scaffolding necessary to promote equity in the underserved and underrepresented communities served by museums and libraries across the country. Actions #4 and 5 are focused on Civil Rights and Contracting and Procurement, respectively.

Action #1 articulates the agency’s need for better data collection to strengthen understanding of our underserved and underrepresented communities and make data-informed decisions about agency programs.

Action #2 addresses engagement and capacity limitations within museums and libraries that will help remove barriers across the dimensions of equity. 

Action #3 focuses on promoting the diversification of the museum and library fields themselves through the launch of an initiative funding paid internships, sponsorships, and fellowships from high school through mid-career. 

Action #4 focuses capacity-building efforts on developing the systemic framework to fully inform, equip, train, and otherwise support grantees to fulfill their wide range of Civil Rights responsibilities and implement equity-driven initiatives.

Action #5 addresses the contracting process: IMLS’s principal method for reaching underrepresented participants in contracting and procurement is through the small business preference programs under the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 19 and Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act. 

Overview of Executive Order (EO) 13985

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