The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will be hosting a Listening Session to continue to seek recommendations and feedback on how to best meet the needs of the Native Communities we serve.

Meeting attendance details will be included in your confirmation email. Registration will be open through the end of the session. Our agenda includes:

  • Welcome/Overview/Introductions
  • Updates from Tribal Leaders
  • Simultaneous Breakout Sessions (45 minutes)
    • Grant Making
    • Evaluation of IMLS Native American/Native Hawaiian grant programs
    • Leadership (Tribal Leaders, Proxies, and IMLS Leadership Team)

Listening to Tribal comments is a priority for IMLS. Anyone is welcome to participate, though anyone speaking on behalf of the Tribe must be either be a Tribal Leader or designated proxy. To create an opportunity for anyone who wishes to share their thoughts, we will utilize small group breakout sessions within the larger Listening Session.

Please share this with Tribal leadership and staff who you feel would be appropriate to attend, such as those working with your Tribe’s library, museum, archives, cultural centers, or related grants. Please be aware that there may also be others in attendance, including representatives of organizations that serve Native interests.

If you would like to provide comments outside of the Listening Session, please provide them to Brianna Ingram by Friday, October 15.

If you are a Tribal Leader and would like to delegate a proxy for the Listening Session, please fill out the proxy form below. Alternatively, you may send an email that includes your name, your affiliation (e.g., Tribe, Nation, Village, Band), and your proxy’s name. This will authorize your designee, in writing, to attend and speak in your place. This designation will expire on December 5, 2021. Please provide any proxy information to Brianna Ingram at before Wednesday, October 6. Your designee will need to register at the Zoom link above.


If you would like to request reasonable accommodations for the Listening Session, please inform Brianna Ingram at or 202-653-4616 by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

For questions, please contact Brianna Ingram at or (202) 653-4616.

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Native American Library Services
Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services
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