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Community Salute

Community Salute is an initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), working with project cooperator FSG. The initiative’s goal is to study how libraries and museums are responding to the needs of veterans and their families and to develop new strategies to work with community collaborations to provide better services for this important constituency.

To best inform this conversation, IMLS has engaged community service organizations, foundations, museums, libraries, and the general public to further explore how to help the nation’s more than 22 million veterans and their families. After the initial study, IMLS will assess and publicly share information gathered as the agency works to create a framework to pilot solutions in communities of need. The Community Salute program is part of the IMLS Community Catalyst initiative that seeks to leverage libraries and museums as local assets to serve and enrich their citizens.

Follow the Community Salute initiative on social media at #IMLSSalute. For more information about how you and your institution can get involved, contact Dr. Marvin Carr, Senior Advisor for STEM and Community Engagement at