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Find Your Library

Find key information from the FY 2015 Public Libraries Survey (PLS) on more than 9,000 public library systems and over 17,000 public library outlets.

The U.S. Census Bureau no longer offers the search and compare tools for PLS data.

Explore Library SystemsExplore Library Systems

Dig into FY 2015 data on public library systems (referred to as administrative entities in PLS). Use these data to explore system-level organizational characteristics, staff, income and expenditures, sizes of collections, and library services offered to the public.

Explore Library OutletsExplore Library Outlets

Dig into FY 2015 data on main libraries, branches, and bookmobiles (referred to as outlets in PLS). Use these outlet-level data to find organizational characteristics such as public service hours and weeks open per year.

Look Up FSCS IDsLook Up FSCS IDs

Look up your library to find its Federal-State Cooperative System (FSCS) ID and other information useful for programs such as E-Rate for Libraries.

Explore State ProfilesExplore State Profiles

Pull up a state’s summary profile to find state-level totals on key variables such as population, numbers of libraries and librarians, revenue and expenditure, and collection sizes.

Looking for More Detail?Looking for More Detail?

Explore the data on public libraries through our online data catalog or access the data files and APIs to conduct your own research.