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Project Profiles

The Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library created a unique poetry project that brought policemen and kids together...
July 31 2018 Eastern
The Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library created a unique poetry project that brought policemen and kids together through creative writing and expression.Read more
Two kids reading a book in the Literacy Garden
June 29 2018 Eastern
The Mississippi Children’s Museum’s Literacy Garden creates whimsical experiences that connect children with literacy and nature. An IMLS grant helped MCM through the final stages of development.Read more
Anne Broughton to Her Brother original document
May 31 2018 Eastern
With an IMLS grant, paleography—the rare practice of deciphering 16th and 17th century English handwriting—is helping unlock the past.Read more
Macaque eating leaves
April 27 2018 Eastern
Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo exhibit on Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, brings science and research to the forefront with interpretive programming.Read more
Two Hennepin County Library volunteers
March 30 2018 Eastern
More Somalis live in Minnesota than in any other state. Here’s how the Hennepin County Library is connecting with its diverse community.Read more
Digitized photo of Davis and Fitzgerald
February 27 2018 Eastern
Limited by small museum space, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem embarked on a one-year project to digitize two of their cornerstone collections and create two exhibition kiosks.Read more
Library worker inspects a tower garden
January 26 2018 Eastern
Gwinnett County Public Library launched a gardening program with STEAM programming that changed the way its 15 branches engaged with their communities.Read more
A family gets creative at museum workshop
December 26 2017 Eastern
When faced with an increasing senior population, the Columbia Museum of Art used a grant from IMLS to modify its culture and programming to make arts participation more inclusive for seniors.Read more
Performers wearing traditional regalia for tribal dance
November 30 2017 Eastern
For 30 years, the Celebration event of Southeast Alaska encapsulated the pride of three tribal communities. Sealaska Heritage Institute digitized over 250 videotapes, ensuring that a record of these events would be accessible for future generations.Read more
Pair of volunteer hands wearing gloves replicate water damage and salvaging techniques using paper and bowls
October 30 2017 Eastern
The Florida Association of Museums answered a call for help in improving collections policies and emergency plans of collecting institutions of many disciplines across Florida.Read more